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We work on all your product development cycle from design to go to market and operation


Consulting & Design

   We are specialists on consulting and developing strategies to achieve the best results from your product concept. 

   Our experts team is focused all the time on real world indicators: users and revenues... and is committed with your success. From the concept to the end product, we can help you in throughout all the process of the development and operation of apps and web products.

   Our designers specialists are ready to join with you in your dream, understanding your targets and materializing it as products those are able to fascinate your customers and end users.​

  • Strategy & RoadMap

  • Consulting & Market Analysis

  • Resources Launching Timeline

  • Sketches & Drafts

  • Technology prerequisites 

  • UX / GUI / Design

  • Demos & Beta Versions

  • Customized Development

Protótipo de design


    Our team includes specialists distributed worldwide, specially chosen for your project in order to achieve the best fit between your needs and the knowledge required.


   We are the best on working using the vanguard strategies of product and information security, cloud development and contained & segmented substructures in order to maintain your idea secure and you informed at a real time pace, create a absolutely full and well documented project to ensure that you will get a product with a maintainable code and a perfect future lifecycle. 

   Our experienced team with data engineers, design specialists, full stack developers and cloud specialists is ready to build your product with almost every technology, programming language and framework.

   Instead of the most of the concurrency, we are specialists in exclusive frameworks and programming languages and with extremely high throughput and results and at the time of the project analysis and consulting we will make a extensive study in order to understand the best fit between this knowledge and your requirements. 


/* Frontend Development */

  • HTML5

  • Javascript

  • JQuery

  • Material Design

  • VUE.js

  • ABMaterial

  • BaNano

/* Mobile Development */

  • IOS (Swift / Objective C/ Xcode / Native Hybdrid Development with B4X)

  • Android (Java / C / Native Hybdrid Development with B4X)

  • PhoneGap

/* Web Development */

  • BaNano.js

  • ABMaterial

  • Jetty & B4J

  • PHP

  • Node.js

  • Java

  • Python , C# , C++ , .NET ...

/* APIs & Integration*/

  • PayPal

  • Amazon

  • Google

  • Facebook

  • WePay

  • Instagram

  • WhatsApp   ...


/* 3rd Part Platforms */

  • Facebook Apps

  • WordPress

  • AWS Lambda

  • Google Cloud

/* Telecom & Chat &  */

  • Asterisk

  • SIP, IAX & H323

  • WebRTC

  • Predictive & Power Dialing

  • AGI & Manager

  • CTI (Computer Telephony )

  • Contact Center & Unified Comm

/* Cloud Technologies */

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Google Cloud

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Firebase

/* Databases */

  • Firebird

  • Oracle

  • MySQL

  • MongoDB

  • PostGreSQL

  • NoSQL

/* Unusual & Innovative Stuff */

  • IOT

  • Arduino

  • Robotics & Automation

  • Control Systems

  • Industrial Automation

  • Smart Things


Digitando na mesa



A perfect code isn't the one that is written using the "latest technology" or "the trending framework": It's the code that the users like to use and makes difference to his life.

Our mantra is: "human is most important than technology". Don't get us wrong, our team is passionate about technology and breaths innovation each second of the day but here you will really find a technical team down to the earth with the market and customer requirements, ready to deliver efficient and profitable products to you.

We will not spend tons of time lapidating product characteristics those will not be noticed by your client and maybe will probably increase your costs. Do you know that situation when you is bored with your IT group during looong discussions about that "push feature" implemented on this or that technology? It's over! 


Launch, Scale & Grow


Let's talk about launch and scale: once upon a time, people used to launch large structures since the product launch in order to support intense use and traffic.

It was a time when only big companies were able to deliver large scale products to a big audience since  it was required to have expensive servers online to be able to accept the future use.

On the same path, scalable code wasn't an initial option for small budgets. Now, maybe we should stop writing. Joseph bets that nobody will read this, and Marcos think that maybe somebody will, but keep silence... if you read, send us an email with the subject "I noticed" (email is on the footer). It's a good bet!

  • Financial Planning & Models

  • Release Planning

  • Project Timeline

  • Business Plan for Funding

  • Technology prerequisites 

  • Cloud Financial Model


Not a Startup?

Relax! Our team is experienced developing solutions and work together with IT teams of corporations and well-stablished companies around the world. We have the exact solution for your engineering team count on rapid internal demanding requests and critical missions, as well as supporting rapid growth companies.

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